The Domestic Godless

About Us





The Domestic Godless have been a thorn in the foot of Irish gastronomy for over fifteen years, with an irreverent disregard for current fashions and culinary trends. They have introduced to the world such delights as Sea Urchin Pot Noodle, Foot & Mouth Terrine, Carpaccio of Giant African Land Snail and Victorian high tea wrought from all manner of fertilizer, often in the setting of anarchic installations.


The Domestic Godless were founded by artists Stephen Brandes and Mick O’Shea and Irene Murphy under the Cork Artist’s Collective banner at the exhibition Artists/Groups at The Project Arts Centre, Dublin in 2003.


Since then, it has been our mission to explore the potential of food (its taste, its presentation, its history and its cultural values) as a vehicle for irreverent artistic endeavour and experimentation. Through recipes, installations and public presentations we employ food as both a concept and a medium through which to convey humour, empathy and other qualities that distinguish art from purely craft.