The Domestic Godless

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Invasive Pests with The Domestic Godless.

The Science Gallery, Dublin.

April 13, 2016


In the second instalment of our Future Feasting series The Domestic Godless will present a pataphysical menu of invasive pests.


Ever since the time when humans exchanged hunter-gathering for green Wellington boots and hydroponics, we have been at war. Human endeavor has sought to protect the fruits of its labour by eradicating these diseases and pests that devastate crops, threaten our livelihoods, and then appear in our salads. From their secret kitchen-garden-laboratory in West Cork, The Domestic Godless have been nurturing these ‘enemies’ for the sole objective of culinary ingenuity and gastronomic excellence.


For Future Feasting, they present for the first time, Snail Death by Pomegranate, The World’s First-Generation Aquatic Rabbit and Heirloom Varieties of Japanese Knotweed.